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Welcome to e-MOBA

We provide a full range of solutions for online betting operators that use agency business model as well as for ones that run whitelabel gaming operations. With 20 years experience in the business, we developed the following systems which shall fit to your operational needs:

  • e-MOBA Agency Platform
  • e-MOBA Whitelabel Transfer Wallet
  • e-MOBA Whitelabel Seamless Wallet

e-MOBA Agency Platform was developed to simplify the operational of online betting agency, on-which you can manage member database, monitor all transactions, as well as to setup the Front End website. With simple and user-friendly User Interface, this system will be the best solution for your daily betting agency operations.

We offer both Transfer and Seamless Wallet for your Whitelabel gaming operational needs. Each platform has its own advantages. The Transfer Wallet system will give you more control on each critical transaction and players will need to transfer their credit balance to play. The Seamless Wallet system will enable players to play any game without transferring their account balance.

Flexible Solutions
Especially Prepared for
Online Gaming Operators


e-MOBA Key Features:

Maximum System Security
100% Server Up Time
24/7 Customer Supports
A wide-range of Games from World's Leading Providers
Auto Deposit Features (Indonesian bank accounts}
Auto Withdraw Features (Indonesian bank accounts)
In-play Live Reporting
Full Transactions Monitoring
SEO-structured Design
A Wide Selections of Front End Theme
User-friendly Desktop View
Easy-to-Navigate Mobile's User Interface



e-MOBA provides systems and services for online betting operators that use agency business model as well as for ones that run whitelabel gaming operations in Asia.

Our system has been developed professionally and complied to the international certification standards determined by the leading online gaming regulators.

Fast track your online gaming operations with our complete and flexible solutions! Take the lead against your competition with e-MOBA. Talk to us and find out how we can assist you.

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